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We know you've heard this from us before, but creditors have to make sure they audit their credit reporting files, have a strong process for handling both direct and indirect credit disputes, train their personnel responsible for these functions, and have documented policies.

Why do we keep harping on this?  Because creditors are under attack.  Every day, creditors are being sued by attorneys all over the country, and these cases are difficult and expensive to resolve.

In my personal inbox recently, I received a solicitation from one of these law firms.  I'm not making this up, here's what it said:

"We're not just legal experts, we're myth-busters and truth-tellers committed to guiding you to financial greatness"

"Our game plan - tackling your credit report lies head on and building a solid foundation for your credit future"

"Real credit improvement is a battle, demanding strategy, grit and a no-nonsense approach".

The Sharks are Circling. They ARE out to get you, so you'd better take these issues seriously.  Among the ways we can help:

  • Conduct reporting audits to identify inconsistencies

  • Train your team on reporting and dispute handling matters

  • Audit compliance with dispute deadlines

  • Create policies and procedures to document your compliance

Reach out to us at today and take a big step to defending your business

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